1. Yep! I’ve disable the products, in favor of a product category, if not already, the drop-down shouldn’t appear anymore. Yep, Infinity Machine Media, LLC is the host company,

  2. If there’s anything you need to make the process easier, such as a mail upload size limit, chat room features, let me know. This response window supports embedded html, and the upload options are to the right.

  3. Currently, this is what I have to be done:

    Space Fighter (Subject to change on review)

    Player Ship Types: 5 (Currently 15)
    Enemy Ships Types: 5

    Background (Current):
    The background done with multiple layers black background, then a star scrolling background, then a space cloud and planet background that constantly scrolls with the game.

    Total of 8 buttons:
    • Arcade
    • Endless
    • Retry
    • Settings
    • Music
    • Sound
    • Player
    • Main menu, 2 tick boxes.

    • Re-Titling
    • New game-over screens displaying high score
    • Recent score with the retry or main menu buttons.